Sunday Aug 09 2020

News Worth Sharing: A Life Worth Living...

by Rev. Becky Baxter-Ballou


Bible Verse: John 9:1-12


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Points to Ponder



Read Acts 1: 1-9, John 9:1-12 How does Jesus respond to the disciples’ attitude towards the blind man? Why do the Pharisees have such a hard time with the man being healed? The man’s parents are fearful of the Pharisees; how do we allow others to influence us today?


NEXT STEPS: How can we be blind to what God is doing for us? Have we ever challenged what the good God is doing for someone else? Why? The man’s testimony to Jesus’ actions is powerful. Each of us has a faith/transformation story to share. How will your story be told in a way that others can come to know God and live a transformed life here and now?






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