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May 24, 2020

Sermon Series: "The Relaunching Process"

 "All Engines Go"
Pastor Michele Lott

 "Recruiting and Training"
Pastor Michele Lott

 "Receiving the Flight Plan"
Pastor Michele Lott

Bible Verse



Points to Ponder


1. When we step into ministry, we are attempting to accomplish something without knowing exactly what might happen - it's risky.
2. The Disciples drew a crowd because they were declaring the wonders of God in a way that each person could understand.
3. The Holy Spirit is in each Christian: we have the power to launch into unimaginable ministry.
4. Chapel Hill has the oportunity and the divine power to relaunch with a more intentional devotion to God's plan.
5. How is the Holy Spirit working within me to fulfill Jesus' call on my life?














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