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October 13, 2019

"The Story of Nagging"
Pastor Michele Lott

"Faith, Yeast, Eating, Living"
Pastor Michele Lott

"Bridging Heaven and Earth"
Abel Vega

"The Story of Cheating"
Pastor Michele Lott

"Stories of Losing and Finding"
Pastor Michele Lott

"The Story of what NOT to do"
Pastor Michele Lott

Points to Ponder



1. We are more willing to persevere when something is important to us and we believe that it's possible.


2. Faith is living as if what is hoped for, but unseen, is already a reality.


3. In order for the disciples to live as Jesus instructed, they needed to pray.


4. The empowering cycle is:

Faith --> Prayer --> Action


5. Where in my life do I need God's encouragement to better follow Jesus?



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